What Does It Take To Be A Good Keyboard/Piano Player?

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The Secret is the Passion for the piano!

If you want to become a master of the piano, you have to do more than just practice. Passion is the secret to success. If you can keep motivated and passionate about something, it is simply a matter of time before you achieve any goal.

You can practice for weeks, months and even years, but without passion, you won’t be capable of reaching your potential peak.

What is it passion? Passion is that fondness, enthusiasm, and intense emotion you have towards something………passion is the bet to risk everything for a particular thing.

If something requires passion, it is the piano. Practicing just to “mess around” won’t make you a great pianist. You need to feel it inside yourself.


How can I start to learn how to play the piano?

    1. Mind-set is something that is essential when it comes to learning keyboard. By changing your mindset and leaving the negatives thoughts behind, you will be able to learn everything because usually, the hardest obstacle is the one which your mindset puts in front of you: fear and procrastination.
    2. Music notes are not that different from letters of the alphabet. People underestimate the potential and never really learn these. Music itself is nothing more than a language. The more you know of this language, the better you can articulate what you feel.
    3. Knowing about keys. Getting familiar with the feel and spacing of the keys.  
    4. Getting used to melodies. Becoming familiar with melodies is very helpful. Melodies tend to have a flow and shape to them. As a player, you will learn to anticipate what notes are coming up.
    5. Start from the bottom. A common mistake that is made when taking lessons for beginners is trying to  play a song that is completely out of their league. Start with the basics……remember that with a solid base, you can build a stronger peak.
    6. What do Music notes mean? How many counts it must receive (how long you should down a key).



You can find plenty of material on the internet in order to play piano online. It really is no longer necessary to leave your home to take piano lessons. It may seem a bit overwhelming due to the large amount of information everywhere, but our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you.


Courses and online tutorials.

The invention of the internet meant a change in the educational world.  You can learn anything by just googling a little bit. Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to not find what you want in google. Use this as an advantage and become a self-taught person.

Plenty of information, online keyboard lessons and piano tutorials are all spread throughout the internet. It is our intention to recommend the best information and educational tools to help you to achieve your goals. By putting your heart into every step of the learning process you will reach your destination in no time!

You should start at the beginners level. Knowing the fundamental concepts, learning what each component does, music notes, keys, everything from scratch. The right moment to start with the next level is after you’ve dominated the beginner lessons and so forth.

Once you have mastered every single detail of the beginning stages, it’s time to learn how to create beautiful music with advanced techniques that will teach you how to play different styles, rhythms and genres.

In this moment you have to repeat the formula applied before, you must master a technique to jump to another. It doesn’t matter if you are just good at it, you have to be your best to be ready for the next chapter.


Everything is practice, practice, and more practice.

It doesn’t matter if the very Beethoven teaches you to play the piano, he created his legacy by practicing uncountable hours. By practicing every single day for a couple hours, you will improve greatly, and you will be amazed at the things you can play.

However, we sill have to insist that the key is passion. When you feel passion about keyboard or piano you will spend hours and hours in a row and you won’t realize that so many hours have passed. That is the most beautiful trait about passion, the journey doesn’t matter……it’s the enjoyment of passing through it.

Practice, but practice with passion because music is special. Music is an art that communicates the words that the soul cannot tell, and by letting your soul speak, you will achieve the inner happiness.


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