Why Choose Online Piano Lessons For Beginners?

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Piano lessons for beginners used to require a teacher to come to your home, or you to theirs. But technology is changing all of that and the internet has made it possible to learn from home almost completely on your own.
Beginner piano lessons online can most definitely help to fulfill your wish of gaining piano playing skills. You can gain these basic skills and increase your mechanical abilities on the piano at your convenient timings and from the comfort of your home.

The beginners piano lessons accessible on the internet will assist you when it comes to getting excellent form in your fingers, wrists, and hands. The online instructors explain the fundamental stages, so that you can learn how to play piano fast. Piano layout, first fingering exercises, major chord, major scale and minor scale are some of the important topics covered in the beginner piano lessons.

You are also allowed  to find out how the black and white keys are organized on the piano. You can get to know the names of individual keys, so that you can get a good foundation in piano.

Certain courses on the web explain to you about the group of white and black keys. In addition to instructions, you can also view the virtual piano keyboard that allows you to practice the lessons easily.

You can gain a clear understanding of piano, only if you learn the music theory. The classical piano players focus a lot more on music theories, which might make you get a little bored.

Some online beginner piano lessons concentrate only on the essential concepts like keys of music, intervals, chords of the major scale and so on. You can get to find out about key signatures, melody note and chords. If you understand music theory, you will be able to tell the key for a certain song.

This article will look at the top 3 reasons to give piano lessons online a try.

Less Expenses: When you take traditional lessons, you will spend a lot of money over time. Monthly expenses for the lessons and even gas money if you have to travel to them could easily cost you more than $700 per year, with a typical lesson costing upwards of $30 for a half hour. Beginner piano lessons online not only cost you less on both accounts, but they are a great way to get the same quality instruction.

Study at Your Pace: With online piano lesson software you can study at your own pace. Skip to future lessons if you feel you are ready, or take your time on a certain skill, it is entirely up to you. With traditional lessons you typically can’t move on until a teacher feels you are ready, this can be a bit frustrating at times.

Play The Pieces You Want: With traditional lessons, you are at the whim of your teacher and typically they are going to want you to strictly play classical pieces in the beginning. While classical pieces are a must for learning technical skills and mastering theory, they can often be boring and decrease the motivation to learn. Piano lessons that you take online allow you much more freedom to choose what you want to learn.

This article discussed 3 reasons to try beginner piano lessons online. Choosing this way to study the piano is less expensive, allows you to study at your own pace and pick the kinds of pieces you really want to play.



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Although it is a new way of learning a treasured instrument; the same principles exist for online instruction as they do for the traditional way of taking piano lessons. Don’t be afraid to give this method a try and decide if it will work for you.
If you’ve always dreamed of taking piano lessons but were never able to, then online piano lessons may be the answer for you.

Online programs provide the same resources as a teacher who gives piano lessons in person. Online programs include audio files to help you hear how a piece should be played as well as video demonstrations to show you how to correctly position your hands on the keyboard.

There are many benefits that come from taking piano lessons online.  One of which is flexibility. Taking lessons in person with a piano teacher requires setting up standing appointments and rescheduling missed appointments. Sometimes, students might have to compromise their schedules to accommodate the teacher’s schedule. Studying online allows you to have lessons at any time. Because you’re in control of your schedule, you can have a lesson in the comfort of your own home or office at a time that is convenient for you.

Studying piano online also takes away the worry of finding a teacher. To find a teacher who gives lessons in person, most people ask for recommendations from friends or relatives already taking lessons. Sometimes they contact music schools or simply search in telephone directories.

Even when piano teachers are found, there is no guarantee that they will be willing to take on new students. It’s quite different when searching for lessons online. These lessons are always there and always available.

The more higher end online programs offer DVDs in which instructors guide their students through each step of the piano lessons. The teacher’s hands are prominently shown so that students can copy the teacher’s hand position to make sure that students are learning the correct technique. To keep students motivated, instructors offer a wide variety of musical genres to learn such as classical, jazz, pop, rock, blues and country.


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