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Why Should You Learn To Play The Piano?

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Why Should You Learn To Play Piano?

The piano is an amazing instrument known worldwide. It has been used from operas, orchestras, to the current music videos you watch on TV.

With this popularity, it’s no wonder that this excellent instrument is worth mastering. Why should you learn to play the piano over other instruments, you may wonder. Is it worth the time and effort? Yes, of course, and there are many reasons. Here are a few reasons why this grand instrument should be your choice.


The piano is one of the most widely used instruments in recordings and compositions of your favorite songs. Aside from that, a lot of households have this instrument right in their own home. If you want to learn to play piano or keyboards, online piano lessons for beginners are much easier to find than you think.

They are even more affordable and convenient than lessons from teachers outside the home. In fact, you might even have several qualified piano instructors around your neighborhood but they may be somewhat expensive over time!


When it comes to music, the piano can be played in various purposes. This instrument can play the melody, rhythm, and harmony of a song all at once. It can produce an encompassing bass, an accompanying set of chords, or it can lead the piece with its own melody. The piano is almost a complete orchestra in itself.

Having that in mind, the piano is an effective solo and accompanying instrument.  If you know how to play piano, there is a good chance that you can adapt to so many musical styles as well. You can explore music genres like classical, rock, pop, jazz, blues, country and a lot more. You can even be a part of a band, a chamber ensemble, or a piano trio.

With its versatility, you can make use of the piano to recreate and even invent your own musical style. Once you learn keyboard or take proven, trustworthy beginner piano lessons, you will have learned most of the technicalities of music theory without even realizing it. This is because the piano’s keyboard is one of the best musical interfaces any musician can encounter.

Its system of arranging notes from lowest to highest, with its corresponding octaves, is already a simple illustration of the musical scale. By learning how to play the piano or how to play the keyboard, you are already equipping yourself with a solid knowledge on how music theory works.

Piano Tutorials

To study piano on-line or offline, the overall piano tutorials are almost similar. There are basic tutorials for the novices and for those willing to maintain the mid-level or higher stage of playing piano. When it comes to instructional exercises for the novices, you are given basic information like hand positions, creating triad chords, and scale formations.

A large portion of the piano instructional exercises are intended for self-study and may be simply understood without the assistance of experts looking over you.

The unique notes, ordinarily followed with appropriate pictures of self explanatory features are used within most piano tutorials. As soon as the fundamentals are clear for the reader, a test to assess them is recommended.

The reason why children and young adults easily give up on their desires of turning into masters of the piano is because of the unexciting ways that piano instructors use to educate their students. Keeping a student enthused about learning is paramount.

And as a matter of fact, not all piano students are willing to be classical pianists someday. Most of them prefer to play songs they like or play the instrument at some point at parties and in front of their pals and family.  For those who are really serious, they can undergo advanced piano lessons.

A great and convenient way to learn piano or learn keyboard is to check out video tutorials online. There are many websites that provide video piano tutorials at a very affordable price. This is good for those who do not have any music background and do not know how to read notes.

The videos will train and help you learn piano skills and understand the theory behind. Giving a student a visual of the keys and the position of the hands and fingers will enable the student to learn much faster. If a certain part is missed, you can instantly go back and review. You will also become familiar with the melodies on your own time and pace. Regardless of the inexperience one has on the piano, one will surely learn any song in no time with the help of video tutorials.



What Does It Take To Be A Good Keyboard/Piano Player?

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The Secret is the Passion for the piano!

If you want to become a master of the piano, you have to do more than just practice. Passion is the secret to success. If you can keep motivated and passionate about something, it is simply a matter of time before you achieve any goal.

You can practice for weeks, months and even years, but without passion, you won’t be capable of reaching your potential peak.

What is it passion? Passion is that fondness, enthusiasm, and intense emotion you have towards something………passion is the bet to risk everything for a particular thing.

If something requires passion, it is the piano. Practicing just to “mess around” won’t make you a great pianist. You need to feel it inside yourself.


How can I start to learn how to play the piano?

    1. Mind-set is something that is essential when it comes to learning keyboard. By changing your mindset and leaving the negatives thoughts behind, you will be able to learn everything because usually, the hardest obstacle is the one which your mindset puts in front of you: fear and procrastination.
    2. Music notes are not that different from letters of the alphabet. People underestimate the potential and never really learn these. Music itself is nothing more than a language. The more you know of this language, the better you can articulate what you feel.
    3. Knowing about keys. Getting familiar with the feel and spacing of the keys.  
    4. Getting used to melodies. Becoming familiar with melodies is very helpful. Melodies tend to have a flow and shape to them. As a player, you will learn to anticipate what notes are coming up.
    5. Start from the bottom. A common mistake that is made when taking lessons for beginners is trying to  play a song that is completely out of their league. Start with the basics……remember that with a solid base, you can build a stronger peak.
    6. What do Music notes mean? How many counts it must receive (how long you should down a key).



You can find plenty of material on the internet in order to play piano online. It really is no longer necessary to leave your home to take piano lessons. It may seem a bit overwhelming due to the large amount of information everywhere, but our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you.


Courses and online tutorials.

The invention of the internet meant a change in the educational world.  You can learn anything by just googling a little bit. Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to not find what you want in google. Use this as an advantage and become a self-taught person.

Plenty of information, online keyboard lessons and piano tutorials are all spread throughout the internet. It is our intention to recommend the best information and educational tools to help you to achieve your goals. By putting your heart into every step of the learning process you will reach your destination in no time!

You should start at the beginners level. Knowing the fundamental concepts, learning what each component does, music notes, keys, everything from scratch. The right moment to start with the next level is after you’ve dominated the beginner lessons and so forth.

Once you have mastered every single detail of the beginning stages, it’s time to learn how to create beautiful music with advanced techniques that will teach you how to play different styles, rhythms and genres.

In this moment you have to repeat the formula applied before, you must master a technique to jump to another. It doesn’t matter if you are just good at it, you have to be your best to be ready for the next chapter.


Everything is practice, practice, and more practice.

It doesn’t matter if the very Beethoven teaches you to play the piano, he created his legacy by practicing uncountable hours. By practicing every single day for a couple hours, you will improve greatly, and you will be amazed at the things you can play.

However, we sill have to insist that the key is passion. When you feel passion about keyboard or piano you will spend hours and hours in a row and you won’t realize that so many hours have passed. That is the most beautiful trait about passion, the journey doesn’t matter……it’s the enjoyment of passing through it.

Practice, but practice with passion because music is special. Music is an art that communicates the words that the soul cannot tell, and by letting your soul speak, you will achieve the inner happiness.


The Best Keyboard Lessons and Piano Tutorials!

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Keyboard or Piano Playing is one of the most beautiful and magnificent forms of art and expression that we have been given! Imagination, creativity, emotion, soul, identity, and spirit can all be expressed through this timeless art form. The first piano was created in Florence, Italy in 1709 by a craftsman who repaired harpsichords.

This tells us that other stringed instruments preceded the piano and sort of faded away. The piano however, has grown into one of the most mainstream instruments in the world. It’s appeal is not age or gender specific.

From the youngest, most wide eyed child to the wisest elder…..anyone who loves this form of creation and expression is completely welcome. Never think that this wonderful art is reserved for those who are “gifted” or “naturally talented.” Anyone who has a sincere desire and passion, along with determined practice, can achieve success!


What Is The Difference Between a Piano and a Keyboard?


piano - teen girl 431The Beauty of the Piano is that it has a natural, organic feel and sound to it. No other instrument will ever feel and sound like a wonderfully crafted piano. It’s keys are weighted, which gives it a certain feel .

Some people think that the weighted keys will make playing more difficult. We believe that it simply creates more finger strength, giving  you more control, ultimately making you a better “touch player.” This is something that the best piano tutorials will  stress.

How hard or soft you strike a key definitely has an affect on what that note is intended to communicate. Also, pianos need to be tuned regularly. Piano tunings tend to run from $100 – $200 dollars if there are no repairs needed. This can become quite expensive for some. 

When it comes to practicing, everyone will know that you are practicing. Pianos don’t come with headphones, so your practice sessions will definitely be heard……which really isn’t a bad thing once you become good!




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The Beauty of the Keyboard is in it’s diversity! Most keyboards these days are installed with over 100 different preset sounds. Piano, bass, strings, guitar, drums and other types of percussion sounds are found in your average keyboard. Not only do you get these sounds, but typically you get variations of these sounds.

Digital technology has come so far that it has made it possible to create entire songs with just one keyboard. That’s incredible actually! As far as how to play the keyboard is concerned, the keys are lighter. This is something that is immediately noticed when you start to take keyboard lessons. Those who don’t yet have decent finger strength can travel from key to key a lot easier and quicker. Keyboards also never need to be tuned.

An added feature with some keyboards is that they come with built in backing tracks. This makes practicing a lot easier and more precise. You can play along with these tracks in solitude by simply putting on your headphones. Keyboards can also be connected to your computer. For those who are looking to do a lot of recording, this is clearly the way to go.



The Importance Of Proven Keyboard Lessons Piano Tutorials

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The importance of complete, step-by-step, proven, trustworthy piano tutorials that teach you piano for beginners all the up to the advanced level cannot be overstressed! Too many people will hear a remarkable rendition of a song by a very good piano player and think that it will be years before they can be able to play nearly that well.

Much worse, some will think that “naturally talented” or “gifted” people can reach such a level of skill. We are totally confident that anyone can learn how to play keyboard. One of my favorite quotes is this……”Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration!” This comes directly from the great inventor Thomas A. Edison.

Diligent practice and a great work ethic cannot be over looked. I will always put my money on the person who works hard and is really focused on the instructions that are in piano tutorials, instead of the person who feels that it is simply a matter of natural talent. A great keyboard lessons program is an absolute must to becoming a good player.

Trying to “just get by” on limited free pieces of information here or there is not the intelligent way to go. If you take that route, so many basics and fundamentals will be missed. You simply can’t lead the carriage before the horse. A cohesive, linear, step by step method to learn keyboard or play piano online is definitely a must!

Investing in proven, highly recommended, piano tutorials that teach professional techniques from the very beginning to the end is much better than wasting precious years because you fumbled, stumbled, and just got by on limited knowledge.



The Best Online Keyboard/Piano Playing Course! 

The Best Piano Playing Course that we have come across is “Learn Piano In 30 Days!” This is a phenomenal course that is an all around, all inclusive piano tutorial . It is especially created this way because too many people are intimidated by the thought of taking years and years to learn keyboard/piano.

This is a revolutionary step by step learning method that slashes the time it takes to learn everything you need to know! This course is specifically designed to cut down the learning time even if you have never played piano in your life. You could be reading music and writing your own in just weeks!

If reading music is not your interest, you will still be taught to play by ear. Beginner piano lessons are included as well as Intermediate and Advanced lessons. You are taught special secrets to learn piano chords that most people don’t know! You are given access to literally hundreds of step by step videos that were created to make this as easy as possible.

You are not just taught how to learn to play the keyboard or piano, but you are taught all the major styles. Jazz, R&B, Rock, Pop, Country, and Gospel. There is also Classical as well. Some people have to be able to relate to the music they are playing to keep them interested. They simply don’t like practicing boring songs and that makes sense.

Learn Piano In 30 Days” solves that problem by giving you over 90 Contemporary Song Tutorials by artists like Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Adele, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Rihanna, Coldplay, Justin Beiber, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Florida, Cee Lo Green, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj and many more!


What Is So Great About It?

  •  – Secret Tips an Tricks to make you sound like the pros!
  •  – Literally hundreds of step by step videos.
  •  – Play some of your favorite songs in less than 30 days!
  •  – Learn to read and write music in just weeks!
  •  – Learn to play by ear.
  •  – The Best Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level lessons.
  •  – Genre Specific Training – Jazz, R&B, Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel and more.
  •  – Learn to play classics by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Elton John, and  more!
  •  – Live Online Support!
  •  – Online Piano Forum to ask or answer questions.
  •  – Online tools and software to edit your own tracks!
  •  – Thousands of sheet music and audio files of songs from artists like Alicia Keys,  The Beatles, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Enrique Iglesias, Celene Dion, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, John Mayer, and more!



Conclusion :  This is the most Ultimate Keyboard Lessons  and Piano Tutorials Course online! You are literally taught everything from A to Z.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, this course is for you. Whether you are interested in contemporary music or classical artists such as Mozart, Rachmaninov, or Beethoven you will be shown exactly what you need to know!


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